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endlich Katzenersatz – Wurstenden 14,90 (ekw14,90) (A, CH)

endlich Katzenersatz - Wurstenden 14,90 (ekw14,90) has existed as a group since March 2000. Initially this was just the name of a radio programme jointly designed by Moke Klengel, Christoph Rath, Malis Stöger and André Tschinder. From the outset, the weekly show on Radio Helsinki - Verein Freies Radio Steiermark was for ekw14,90 a welcome field for experimenting in all spheres of acoustic means of expression, often in the form of satire and, generally, as a ‘colourful bouquet of entertainment’. With the same line-up, ekw14,90 soon also began to discover other artistic forms aside from radio. In addition to radio plays and music, the group also does videos, installations and performances.

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