created with
Noah Fischer (USA)

Noah Fischer, is a New York based artist originally from the San Francisco Bay area. Fischer creates four-dimensional low-tech installations, works collaboratively with theater-makers and musicians, and also makes paintings and photographs. After attending Rhode Island School of Design (BFA 1999) and Columbia University (MFA 2004) the artist spent a year focusing on 19th century painted panoramas on a Fulbright grant to the Netherlands and the following year had his first solo exhibition in New York: „Rhetoric Machine“ at the Oliver Kamm 5BE gallery.  For three years, Fischer has an ongoing collaboration as designer, writer, and performer with the German theatre group andcompany&Co.  Their work together has included “Little Red (Play):Herstory” which was shown at the 2007 Kunstenfestivaldesarts, as well as “Time Republic” which premiered at the steirischer herbst Festival in Austria and toured in Germany in Fall 2007.

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