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What is the relevance of media art today? Are media artists, as author Bruno Preisendörfer says, people that do not matter, at least not as individuals? That they, like all of us, are only important in the aggregate (as consumers, as an audience, as voters), because, as individuals, they lack money, power and knowledge?
“CPU”, a temporary working space for fifteen people from a variety of fields of art and technology, challenges this mindset: Six months ahead of the festival, the development of new media art works has already begun, that will be showcased in Graz in October – as installations, workshops, performances and lectures.

CPU Central Processing Unit

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Co-produced by steirischer herbst, ESC im LABOR &

04/10 - 26/10
Tue - Sun 2 - 7 pm

Fri 17/10
Open House I

Ju Gosling (GB) "Men in White Coats"

Fri 24/10, 7.30 pm
Open House II

Anne Roth & Andrej Holm. (D)
"Security and Surveillance"
We are all terrorists. Inner views of an investigation of Terrorism (Lecture)

Seda Gürses (B/D/TUR)
"A failed coup attempt with folk songs"

Eran Sachs (ISR)
"Crawlers" (Performance)

Anna Losen (D), Rob Bloksijl (NL), Eran Sachs (IL), Wolfgang Temmel (A), Bruno Preisendörfer (D), Dmytri Kleiner (D), Agnese Trocchi (I), GOTO10 Marloes de Valk (NL), Frank Barknecht (D), Erinn Clark (USA), Seda Gürses (TR/D), Ningunlugar (E), Nana Lueth (D), Andrew Garton (AUS), Zoe Gudoviè (SRB), Ju Goslin (GB), Ernesto Rico-Schmid (BOL) u. a.

Initiated by
Reni Hofmüller (A) & Jogi Hofmüller (A)

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