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Studierende der KUG (A+)
Klangwege 2008
musikprotokoll / Strictly Chamber (Strenge Kammer)
47% music
20% sound
33% composition

Chamber music is still an emphatic concept, particularly in such classical formations as string trio and piano quartet: With works i.a. by Bernhard Gander, Enno Poppe and Mathias Pintscher, pianist Hsin-Huei Huang, the EIS trio will be presenting a number of different new positions.
“Klangwege 2008”, the final concert of this year’s musikprotokoll, also moves on similar ground: music for a soloist ensemble written by composition students in a project of Kunstuniversität Graz.

musikprotokoll 2008

In co-operation with Kunstuniversität Graz

Sun 12/10, 7.30 pm

Ensemble für Neue Musik

Edo Micic (A)

Pintscher / Saunders / Scodanibbio / Poppe / Gander
Fri 10/10, 7.30 pm


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