created with
Meg Stuart / Damaged Goods (B, USA)
All Together Now
44% dance
23% space
11% light
12% sound

The moment when language fails and gestures lose their meaning. The limits of communication, the failure of expression: By exhibiting the masks, fictions and wishes of the human soul, American choreographer Meg Stuart reminds us of our vulnerability.
But as much as Stuart focuses on the failure of dialogue and collaboration, her work is characterised by the yearning for their possibility, by the will to compress time, to rewrite ones history, to live in many bodies at once, to fully experience the pain of another, to embrace emptiness, to show all perspectives of a complex situation in a single gesture.
For the first time since her legendary site-specific Highway 101 project, Stuart is developing a new piece for a non-theatre space together with her company for steirischer herbst. She takes the big empty Helmut-List-Halle as a challenge for a performance installation with a limited number of spectators: What she is developing under the working title Project.08 up to the moment of the première in Graz is an evening of dance set between celebration and crisis, full of fleeting links, unrequested gifts, and little miracles.

All Together Now

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Meg Stuart / Damaged Goods (B, USA) Biography

Co-produced by steirischer herbst & Damaged Goods
With kind support from the Flemish authorities & the Flemish Community Commission

Thanks to Robert Henke & ABLETON LIVE, Dag Kemser, Krisana Locke & Ali von Stein, Stephanie Maher &
the Ponderosa team, Peter Stamer, Sophia Stepf and to all the guest dancers who participated at the rehearsals in Berlin and Graz.

Commissioned work

Thu 16/10, 7.30 pm, Fri 17/10,
Sat 18/10 & Sun 19/10, 4.30 pm & 7.30 pm


Talk following the third performance

22 EUR / 12 EUR

Artistic Direction Meg Stuart

Created with and performed by
Francisco Camacho, Hermann Heisig, Kotomi Nishiwaki, Sabile Rasiti, Frank Willens, Sigal Zouk

Dramaturgy Bart Van den Eynde
Installation Doris Dziersk
Text Tim Etchells & Damaged Goods
Sound Douglas Henderson
Light Jan Maertens
Costumes Jean-Paul Lespagnard
Video and imagery Vladimir Miller
Set building Bodo Herrmann
Production Christine Peterges
Assistant scenography Anna Pas
Assistant costumes Maria Göldenitz
Assistant production Marlène Bunge

Production Graz Celestine Kubelka
Assistant Kirsten Patent
Technical direction Hermann Schapek
Light Sabine Wiesenbauer
Video Thomas Hinteregger
Sound Johannes Egger

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