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Los Glissandinos meets AMM + special guest Burkhard Stangl
musikprotokoll / Radical Hetero
12% dance
22% electronic
33% composition
33% improvisation

A classical musikprotokoll evening of radical and heterogene approaches and radical differences: Franz Hautzinger’s trumpet ensemble is indebted to Serbian brass bands and recent electronica, but sounds nothing like either. The subtle reductionists Fagaschinksi and Filip (who guested at musikprotokoll many years ago) venture into new territories together with Burkhard Stangl (who presented his first solo project at musikprotokoll more than ten years ago) and the legendary pioneers of improvisation Tilbury and Prévost from AMM. In the co-operation of Gaigg/Lang/Ritsch/Zott, choreography and music, music and technology, technology and movement, movement and sound merge into one.

Los Glissandinos meets AMM plus special guest Burkhard Stangl

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musikprotokoll 2008

Austrian Première
Sat 11/10, 10 pm

Dom im Berg
Kai Fagaschinski, Klaus Filip, Eddie Prévost, John Tilbury & Burkhard Stangl

Franz Hautzinger:
Trumpet orchestra project - Gomberg II Profile

Sat 11/10, 7.30 pm
Dom im Berg

V-Trike P
Music- / Dance performance
Sat 11/10, 9 pm
Dom im Berg


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