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steirischer herbstTimm Ringewaldt (D)
Images of the Festival
20% film
20% documentation
60% video

Festival: always implies missing, just seen and still not grasped, wanting to see again, fleeting, here today and gone tomorrow. As in past years, “Images of the Festival” by Berlin-based media artist Timm Ringewaldt provides a pictorial commentary, observing, informing, archiving and acting the big shot. What has been, what is to come? Who was there, where was I? On monitors in the festival centre, at the venues, in the city, here and there, the “Images of the Festival” are a modular video programme in progress, always new, more and more. A documentation on the run.

02/10 - 26/10

Festival centre
Timm Ringewaldt / autokolor

Anke Philipp, Uli Reiterer

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