created with
Michel Schweizer (F)
Bleib opus #3
70% theatre
30% philosophy
7% dressage

Five Alsatians and a dog handler, a psychoanalyst, a philosopher, a former legionnaire. The strange personnel that French theatre artist Michel Schweizer brings together on stage gather against the backdrop of the Davos World Economic Forum in 2001: an exclusive club of politicians, business moguls, scientists and philosophers discussing fundamental questions of future social orders behind closed doors. Discussing our future lives.
In the finest French tradition of dispute and discourse, the philosopher and psychoanalyst discuss how we can co-exist in peace, where our society stands between the state and the market, and: What is education? Deformation, training, conditioning? Or is it the opportunity to find oneself?
The dogs stand motionless until a little movement of the finger sets them in motion. And stops them. Perfectly trained, under control and yet a latent threat. With instinctive drives below the surface. The wolf in the dog a mere memory – or a potential.
Michel Schweizer finds disconcertingly clever, ironical pictures for unease in culture, for the endangered balance of society in which things can be overturned at any moment. The wolf, degenerated into a domestic dog, has also lost its instinctive intelligence as a result of domestication. And with it the ability to live in the pack, in the group.
While theoretical discussions and physical presence comment on each other as subject and variation in a musically through-composed evening, we can never decide who is controlling whom and who is observing whom. After all, not only dogs are manipulated, so are we as citizens.

Bleib opus #3

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Michel Schweizer (F) Biography

Produced by La Coma
Co-produced by Espace Malraux – Scène nationale de Chambéry et de la Savoie, O.A.R.A – Office artistique de la Région Aquitaine, TnBA – Théâtre nationale de Bordeaux Aquitaine, Festival Novart – Bordeaux, Château Rouge – Annemasse,
ARCADI – Action régionale pour la creation artistique et la diffusion en île de France
Co-presented by NXTSTP, with the support of the Culture Programme of the European Union

German-language Première
Fri 03/10, 9.30 pm,
Sat 04/10 & Sun 05/10, 7.30 pm


Talk following the second performance

Fri 03/10, 9 pm
Shuttle bus transfer to Helmut-List-Halle
Meeting point festival centre

22€ / 12€

French with German subtitles

Concept / Direction
Michel Schweizer

Philippe Desamblanc & Titeuf de la Fontaine St. Maurice, Patrice Foucault & Top Gun des Plaines de Thierarche, Jean Gallego & Ulster, Hervé Guével & Bosco du Dragon d'eau, Eric Prulhiere & Kheops, François Vavasseur & Robot du Vieux Marronnier, Dany-Robert Dufour, Gérard Gourdot, Jean-Pierre Lebrun, Friedrich Lauterbach

Artistic advice Sèverine Garat
Light design Marc-Emmanuel Mouton
Sound design Nicolas Barillot
Production Nathalie Nilias
Administration Hélène Vincent

Production Graz Celestine Kubelka
Assistent Kirsten Patent
Translation Isolde Schmitt
Technical Head Hermann Schapek
Light Sabine Wiesenbauer
Video Thomas Hinteregger
Sound Johannes Egger
Crew Artbox & Reddog

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