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Studio. A rehearsal situation. Uncertainty and determination set the scene. The wall design. The floor covering. The architecture. The city founders tried to neglect the importance of people. The buildings were designed for heaven. Omens of eras to come. Before we make the ideas aesthetic, i.e. mythological, people have no interest in them. The command. The Taylorist display. The analysis of the question whether visitors prefer to enter the scene by the stairs or the lift plays an important role. We know that ideals cannot be represented in reality; we merely assert that reality should be judged and, by those who feel the strength to do so, modified on the basis of ideals. For at the moment, the construction of life is far more at the mercy of facts than convictions. (Featuring Paul Klee.)


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Co-produced by steirischer herbst & Grazer Kunstverein

04/10 - 22/12

Tue - Sat 10.30 am - 6 pm

Grazer Kunstverein
Martin Beck (USA), Christoph Bruckner (A), David Jourdan (A), Jacob Dahl JŘrgensen (GB), Pernille Kapper Williams(D), Marika L§oke (EST), Camilla L÷w (N), Kenneth Martin (GB), Silke Otto-Knapp (GB), Giles Round (GB) & Nora Schultz (D)

Curated by
S°ren Grammel (A)

Grazer Kunstverein

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