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musikprotokoll at steirischer herbst 2008


Christian Scheib (A) & Susanna Niedermayr (A)

Graz as one of the “European Cities of Advanced Sound” (ECAS for short): That’s the name of a project that will be leaving its first marks at the Numusic Festival in Norway’s Stavanger and in Graz this autumn. In an exchange with international festivals such as the Berlin Club Transmediale and Futuresonic in Manchester, a musical kaleidoskope will evolve over the next few years ranging between improvisation, electronica and composition.
In addition to major concerts, chamber music, and numerous other musical items, a new musikprotokoll programme also kicks off this year: “... as seen from the middle of east ...” presents co-operations with artists from i.a. Lebanon, Jordan, Israel and Palestine.
Co-produced by steirischer herbst, ORF Radio Österreich 1 & ORF Landesstudio Steiermark

In co-operation with ECAS – European Cities of Advanced Sound, Numusic Festival Stavanger, Ny Musikk Rogaland, Festival Interface: Beyrouth – The Beirut of  Education, Kunstuniversität Graz, ESC im LABOR & ORF Kunstradio

At the opening weekend of steirischer herbst:

Auszeit – Time Stretch – pour orchestre

Sat 04/10, 7.30 pm, Grazer Congress, Stefaniensaal
With    Nicolas Hodges (GB), Georg Glasl (D) & RSO-Wien
Conductor    Pascal Rophé (F)

Beat Furrer (A)    Concert for piano and orchestra AP
Bernhard Lang (A)    monadology I for electric zither and orchestra AP
Bruno Mantovani (F)    Time Stretch (on Gesualdo) AP

The Project ECAS

Presentation of the Project ECAS
Thu 09/10, 6 pm, ESC im LABOR
With Martyn Reed and Kurt Bolianatz (Numusic Festival)

Pål Asle Pettersen (N)    komposisjoner (1998-2008) P
Thu 09/10, 7.30 pm, generalmusikdirektion
With Pål Asle Pettersen (N)

frufru (A)    it's a small world P
Thu 09/10, 9 pm, generalmusikdirektion
With Angelica Castelló (A/MEX) & Maja Osojnik (A/SI)

Nils Henrik Asheim und Mitglieder des Stavanger Kitchen Orchestra (N)    Kitchen Four P
Thu 09/10, 10 pm, generalmusikdirektion
With Stine Motland (N), Didrik Ingvaldsen (N), Nils Henrik Asheim (N) & Dag Egil Njaa (N)

bonaNza (A)
The Opposite of Art / The Art of Opposites – a distorted view of Austrian musical heritage P
Thu 09/10, 11 pm, generalmusikdirektion
With Jorge Sánchez-Chiong (A/YV) & Alexander J. Eberhard (A)

Natasha Barrett (GB/N)    Sub Terra AP
Sun 12/10, 11 pm, Dom im Berg
ORF Kunstradio on-site | on-air | on-line
... as seen from the middle of east ...

Sebastian Meissner (D) / Serhat Karakayali (D) lost spaces
09/10 - 12/10, 10 am - 6 pm, ESC im LABOR
Pre-presentation / Installation

Fri 10/10, 6 pm, Minoriten Café
A round of discussions on how European culture is viewed from the inside and outside.
With Saed Haddad (JOR), Serhat Karakayali (D), Sebastian Meissner (D), et al.

K. Haddad / Globokar / S. Haddad / Pasovsky / Gely / Odeh-Tamimi
Fri 10/10, 10 pm, Minoritensaal
With Ensemble United Berlin & Ensemble Sidare, Köln / Conductor Ferenc Gabor (RO)

Karim Haddad (RL)    Innere Ferne für Bass, Flöte, Horn, Vibraphon und Harfe AP
Vinko Globokar (SI)    Skelet for trombone, accordion, percussion and quanun AP
Saed Haddad (JOR)    Le contredésir für Horn, Klarinette und Cello AP
Yoav Pasovsky (IL)     Kmatim for flute, clarinet, harp, piano and drums AP
Rena Gely (AZ)    Dialog with Mugam for flute, clarinet, percussion, piano, et al. AP
Samir Odeh-Tamimi (PS)    Madih for ensemble and four Arabic instruments AP

Franz Hautzinger (A)    Oriental Space
Sun 12/10, 9.30 pm, Dom im Berg
With Franz Hautzinger (A), Mazen Kerbaj (RL), Helge Hinteregger (A) & Sharif Sehnaoui (RL)


Radical Hetero

Franz Hautzinger (A)    Trumpet orchestra project & Gomberg II Profile
Sat 11/10, 7.30 pm, Dom im Berg
With Franz Hautzinger (A), Aneel Soomary (GB), Alfred Gaal (A), Ritsche Koch (A), Mazen Kerbaj (RL), Axel Dörner (D), Karl Ludwig Hübsch (D), Ben Stapp (USA) & Ralf Meinz (D)

V-Trike P (Music- / Dance performance)
Sat 11/10, 9 pm, Dom im Berg
With  Bernhard Lang (A), Christine Gaigg (A), Veronika Zott (A) & Winfried Ritsch (A)

Los Glissandinos meets AMM plus special guest Burkhard Stangl AP
Sat 11/10, 10 pm, Dom im Berg
With Kai Fagaschinski (D), Klaus Filip (A), Eddie Prévost (GB), John Tilbury (GB) & Burkhard Stangl (A)


Strictly Chamber (Strenge Kammer)

Pintscher / Saunders / Scodanibbio / Poppe / Ganer
Fri 10/10, 7.30 pm, Minoritensaal
With Hsin-Huei Huang (TW), Trio EIS, Ivana Pristasova (SK), Petra Ackermann (A) & Roland Schueler (A)

Mathias Pintscher (A)    on a clear day for piano AP
Rebecca Saunders (GB)   Duo for violin and piano (1996/99)
Stefano Scodanibbio (I)    Wie der Wind es trägt for string trio AP
Enno Poppe (D)    Trauben for violin, cello and piano
Bernhard Gander (A)    Schöne Worte for piano quartet

Klangwege 2008
Sun 12/10, 7.30 pm, Minoritensaal
With Ensemble für Neue Musik  / Conductor Edo Micic (A)
Students of the composition class at KUG


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